Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Joy of Family Traditions

The Annual Henderson Easter Egg Hunt began 30+ years ago and is still going strong today! I have very fond childhoood memories of this annual event, despite NEVER winning the cake! Let me explain...every year my Aunt Lynda makes a bunny cake(see pics below). The eggs are hidden all over the yard. Some with your name on them, others that are just up for grabs. One of the unlabeled eggs contains a note that says, "You won the cake!" Whoever finds the egg, gets the cake. So since I had never won the cake, Aunt Lynda made two of them several years ago and gave one to me! I am discouraged to report that the "Bunny Cake Curse" has been passed on to the next generation. My kids have yet to win the cake! I have 364 days to find a cure. Although we didn't come home with the coveted prize, who could be upset about Miss Marley winning? Isn't she a doll?

We ate our traditional favorites of ham, yummy potatoes, raspberry jello salad, Lynda's rolls and sugar cookies and even had a couple of surprise guest appearances. My nephew, Ryan, has been working in Yuma, AZ and got to come for the weekend.
Lindsay (my oldest brother), Heather & Ryan (his kids)

Also, my mom's brother, Denny, came from Denver, CO. Mom was the only one who knew he was coming so she was able to help surprise her sister, Kim. It was great to see him!
Mom, Denny & Kim

Everyone had a great time! We did miss my Grandma this year. She fell a couple of times last week and didn't feel up to coming. She is such a trooper! She will be 90 old this July. Thanx a million to Aunt Lynda for starting the tradition and to Mom for her help in keeping it alive! Here's to 30+ more years!!
Kort & Lukas playing ping-pong in Grandpa's "shop"


My weird brother and darling niece

My cute kiddos!

Aunt Kim & Uncle Mack...always good for a laugh!

Keep looking Josh!

Samee (Ryan's) girlfriend and Lukas. Deep Easter thoughts by Lukas...what do bunnies and eggs have to do with each other?

The cutest bunny of all!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


1 bone-in ham, 2 London Broil steaks, 6 boxes of Wheat Thins, 9 boxes of Stove Top, 17-32 oz. Powerade & much more....spent $103.06. Saved $171.43. I love a good hunt!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Accepting the Inevitable

Well as you can see by my updated blog layout, I have finally accepted the fact that winter has left us. It's a hard thing for me to come to terms with, but I know that resistance is futile. Now my "whinning-and-complaining-about-the-weather" season can begin!

We celebrated Amanda's 7th birthday this last week. It seems unreal that she is that old. She had a great day! Before she went to bed she was laying in bed with me and she said, "Next year I will be 8 and then I will have the Spirit with me!" I am so thankful that that is something that she looks forward to. It is unbelievable that next year at this time we will have all of our kids baptized! Now on to the next goal...temple & missions!

This past weekend we went to Wolf Creek Resort with Mom, Dad & Kort for a weekend of fun, relaxing and watching General Conference. We have made it into a tradition after we did it once and realized that the kids payed more attention when they didn't have all their "stuff" to distract them! Then in between sessions we swim, play raquetball, work out, etc. It was alot of fun! My favorite part was winning Kort and Joe in raquetball! We stayed up unitl 1:30 am playing cards and eating way too much food! Good times!! Thanx Mom & Dad!

School is going good. I picked up a math class at the ATC that I just finished up on Friday! YEAH!!! Right now I am finishing up the first half of my Biomed class. I am sitting at about a B+ right now but hope to bring it up with my last few exams. I decided to take the second half online during the summer. With the kids out of school it would be easier to do from home. I have learned so much from that class! I never realized what a miracle our physical bodies, and how they work, are! There is so much that goes on inside that we don't even realize or have to think about. How else could it ever be explained other than, "We were made in His image".

I don't have many new pictures. I have really gotten out of the habit of taking pics since I have been spending more time on facebook. I will do better! I will try to be a little more consistent!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I love to see the temple!

Last Friday we took the kids out of school half a day and went with Mom & Dad to see the new Draper Temple. It was the second temple the kids have been in since we were able to go through the Sacramento Temple a couple of years ago. We arrived at the Stake Center, watched a short movie and then were shuttled up to the temple in a bus. They did it that way to eliminate all the traffic and parking problems around the temple. The view of the valley from the temple grounds was beautiful. Amanda was so excited because one of her friends at school told there was a chandeleir with REAL diamonds! The building was beautiful beyond words and the spirit was sweet and simple. It was such a rush being in the temple with our kids! My only true wish in life is to be there again someday with them and all of their spouses. That would be a dream come true!

Lukas was having a hard time being serious :)



The whole gang!

Who knew going to the dentist could be so fun?

Today Noah & Lukas had an appointment to get cavitites filled at our favorite destint, Dr. Matt Malan! Lukas had two cavities on his front tooth and wouldn't let Dr. Matt numb it at all. He said he dosen't like the numb feeling. So he just let him do the filling! What a stud!

Noah on the other hand got a free trip to Happyville, USA! A couple of years ago he really freaked out in the chair and had to be sedated. Since then they give him the Noxide and anything else we can think of. Enjoy the show!
I'm so happy!

Bright light, bright light!

I see dead people!

Don't worry, he's not having a seizure!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Digi Scrapping!!

I made this page the other night in less than an hour while watching t.v.! I love digi scrapping! I am having it made into a skin for my laptop. Can't wait to get it!

I made this one when I was playing with a FREE kit I had downloaded. Fun stuff!

I am considering putting together a scrapbook retreat in May. I have someone who is willing to come teach Digi Srapping 101 or you could do regular scrapbooking as well. I have another friend who would probably come and do massages for a steal as well. So let me know if anyone is interested. It would be a lot of fun! We could all take care of our own Mother's Day and have a fun weekend! It's just been tumbling around in the back of my head, but if enough people are interested I will get to work. It would have to be in May after I am done with this semester! Let me know!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where did 2008 go?

Seriously?!? Where did last year go? Holy cow! You blink and you miss it! We had a fun, happy holiday! But there is definatley something to be said about 'routine'!! The Saturday before the kids went back to school we went ice skating. It was alot of fun! Amanda couldn't get enough! Uncle Kort came with us and we had a great time.

I started back to school the same day as the kids. I really didn't blog much about my last/first semester because as soon as it was done I had to get ready for Christmas. Last semester I had 3 classes which consisted of 9 credit hours. I had English 2010, Chemistry 1010 (online) and Sociology 1010. I ended up with an A- in English, a B+ in Chemistry, and an A in Sociology. Not bad for an old fart. I was pleased! This semester I am only taking one class...Biomed. It is Anatomy & Physiology combined into one class. It is also the most failed class at Weber. Everyone advised me to take it by itself if I could. So that is what I am doing. I am already glad! They told us we need to be spending about 28 hrs. per week between class, lab, SI, studying, etc. in order to get an A. It's like a part-time job!!! I have my first exam tomorrow!! It is exciting to be studying something that is directly related to being an Echo tech! I just turned in my application for the Echo program last week so everyone say a HUGE, ginormous prayer for me that I am accepted!!!

Last week I went to a class at Gwen's that taught us how to combine coupons and sales to get groceries real cheap! In the past week I have bought $270 worth of groceries for $70!!! It is sooooo fun! Every day the kids come in the house after school wanting to know what I got for "free" today! It is hilarious! I hate spending money on groceries, so I am loving this!!! Thanx Gwen!!

I have to tell you all that I am loving my new laptop that my sweetie got me for Christmas. We are connected to a wirless hub so I can take it anywhere in the house and be online! It has really eliminated alot of contention at our house over the computer!! Thanx honey!